The IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship provides free legal assistance, support and advocacy for low-income entrepreneurs in Chicago. The IJ Clinic also trains the next generation of attorneys to be vigorous and creative advocates for entrepreneurs.

Questions? Contact IJ Clinic at [email protected] or (773) 834-3129.

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What We Do

The IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship empowers Chicago’s entrepreneurs in four ways: legal service, education, outreach and advocacy.

  • We provide free legal services to lower-income entrepreneurs, forging long-term relationships with a small group of clients to help them transform their companies and communities.
  • We teach and supervise University of Chicago Law School students in providing our legal services to entrepreneurs, preparing these students to be lifelong advocates for entrepreneurs.
  • We provide educational seminars and community events aimed at offering entrepreneurs practical advice on starting and growing a business, with a healthy dose of inspiration along the way.
  • We advocate to knock down excessive regulatory and legal barriers that keep entrepreneurs from making their dreams a reality.

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