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Supreme Court VICTORY For Property Rights 

  • Robert McNamara

One of the best things about working at IJ is being able to solve problems caused by government. Instead of reading about things happening in the world and getting angry about them, we read about…

Appeals Court Shuts The Vault Door On FBI Overreach

  • Robert Frommer

In a huge win for property and privacy rights, the 9th Circuit issued a scathing verdict against the FBI in IJ’s class action lawsuit on behalf of safe deposit box renters including Paul and…

Does the Fourth Amendment Protect Your DNA?

  • Brian Morris

IJ’s Project on the Fourth Amendment strives to safeguard one of America’s core founding principles: the right to be secure in our persons and property. That means two basic things. First, if the government wants…

From a Texas Ranch to the U.S. Supreme Court

  • Robert McNamara

Early next year, in what could prove to be a landmark takings case, IJ will bring a simple message to the U.S. Supreme Court: You break it, you buy it. It is, famously, the “Pottery…

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