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Victory! Courthouse Doors Reopened for Forfeiture Victims

  • Paul Sherman

When Rochester, New York, police raided Cristal Starling’s apartment and seized more than $8,000 for civil forfeiture, she believed her dreams of opening a food truck were over. Her hopes plummeted…

Trucker Gets Savings Back After Long-Haul Litigation

  • Dan Alban

IJ’s fight to end civil forfeiture is multipronged: Simultaneously, we fight in court to establish legal precedent that protects property rights, publicize outrageous abuses, and advocate for legislative reforms to curtail the practice. This three-part…

New Hampshire Town Makes Much Ado About Muffin Mural

  • Betsy Sanz

Leavitt’s Country Bakery has been a staple of Conway, New Hampshire, for over 45 years. When its founders recently decided to retire, longtime customer Sean Young scraped together enough money to buy Leavitt’s so it…

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