Did you know that many companies offer a corporate matching gift program to encourage giving among their employees? Some employers will even match retirees and spouses. You can double or even triple your contribution within a matter of minutes at no cost to you! Search below to find out if your company participates and learn how to maximize the impact of your generous gift to the Institute for Justice.



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Search Tips:

  • In the drop-down of search results, click on your company’s name to find information about your company’s specific guidelines for matching gift eligibility.
  • Search by acronym or variations on your company’s name; for instance, ‘General Electric’ may populate if you search ‘GE.’
  • If your company is a subsidiary of a larger company, search for the parent company.

Our information

Most companies process matching gift requests electronically; others use a simple paper form. You may need the following information when submitting a matching gift request to your employer.

Our EIN:


Our Mailing Address:

Institute for Justice
901 N. Glebe Road, Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22203

If your company requires verification from the Institute for Justice for your gift, please email the form to [email protected] with the Subject “Employer Matching Request” or mail the form to:

Institute for Justice
Attn: Special Gifts Coordinator
901 N. Glebe Road, Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22203

If you have any questions on employer matching gifts requests or want to notify us of a matching gift request, please reach out to our Special Gifts Coordinator, Anne Komer, at [email protected] or (703) 682-9320 x 312. 

Matching Gift PRograms FAQs

What are matching gift programs?

A matching gift program is a corporate giving initiative in which companies match their employees’ charitable donations. When an employee donates to a nonprofit, the employee then can submit a request to their employer. The company will then make its own donation to the same organization, if the organization is eligible. Some companies will even match retirees or spouses!

How do I request a matching gift?

Requesting a matching gift is typically a five-minute process that must be initiated by the donor. For most companies, the search widget above will provide a direct link to their matching gift process and guidelines!

How long will it take for the matching gift company to process and disburse the matching gift?

It varies for each company. If your employer approves the matching gift, the company will send their donation by check or electronically. You can contact your company directly to find out how often matching gifts are processed and disbursed.