The Institute for Justice carries out its mission through legislative advocacy at the federal and state governments.

IJ advocates on behalf of property owners, entrepreneurs, students, and others whose property, livelihoods, education, and speech are threatened by excessive statutes and burdensome administrative rules. Our attorneys carefully select initiatives to promote pro-liberty legislation and defeat anti-liberty legislation. They use IJ’s array of tools, including research, legal analysis, communications, activism, model bills, and legislative advocacy.

Sometimes, IJ stands alone as the lone advocate for reducing government power and scope. At other times, it teams with various organizations to promote liberty and expand opportunities. Regardless of the approach, IJ’s attorneys wield significant legislative influence across the nation.

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IJ’s Legislative Team

Meagan Forbes
Director of Legislation and Senior Legislative Counsel
Alasdair Whitney
Legislative Counsel
Phillip Suderman
Communications Manager
Sophie Mars
Legislative Assistant

Administrative Law petitions

Federal laws are seldom written by Congress. Similarly, some state statutes reflect little more than state legislators’ aspirations. Instead, Americans increasingly must abide by administrative rules prepared by officials in executive branches in Washington D.C. and state capitols. These rules control many aspects of life and are as binding as any statute until legislators enact superseding legislation.

Consistent with its commitment to liberty, IJ engages in the development of administrative laws in select, strategic ways. In addition to litigating against adopted rules, IJ attorneys submit comments on proposed rules in fields about which IJ knows from its research, litigation and legislative advocacy.