Institute for Justice's Cases

IJ files lawsuits to fight on behalf of those individuals who are denied their constitutional rights.

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Case Name Filing Date Issue Area Status
Meridian, Idaho Tiny Homes August 2022 Private Property Pending Cases
Mario Rosales Qualified Immunity June 2022 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
East Cleveland Retaliation June 2022 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Minnesota CSI June 2022 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
USPS Mail Seizure June 2022 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Knoxville Radio May 2022 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Wisconsin Defamation April 2022 First Amendment Past Cases
Midland Prosecutor April 2022 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
New York Forfeiture Appeal April 2022 Private Property Pending Cases
Brookside, Alabama Fines April 2022 Private Property Pending Cases
Idaho Braiding March 2022 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Home Day Care February 2022 Private Property Pending Cases
West Virginia School Choice January 2022 Educational Choice Pending Cases
Empyreal Forfeiture January 2022 Private Property Past Cases
Ohio School Choice January 2022 Educational Choice Pending Cases
Pennsylvania Open Fields December 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Pollreis Cert Petition December 2021 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Texas Mechanic December 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Ohio Warrantless Inspections November 2021 Private Property Past Cases
Indiana Civil Forfeiture Class Action November 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Georgia Tiny Homes October 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Virginia Fresh Start September 2021 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Wilmington Impound September 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Sun Valley Administrative Appeal September 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Gray v. Maine Dept. of Public Safety September 2021 First Amendment Past Cases
Nevada Civil Forfeiture September 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Texas Forfeiture II August 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Kermit Warren Forfeiture August 2021 Private Property Past Cases
Federal Police Immunity Cert. Petitions August 2021 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Indiana Forfeiture Defense Appeal June 2021 Private Property Past Cases
North Carolina Engineering Speech June 2021 First Amendment Pending Cases
Kentucky School Choice June 2021 Educational Choice Pending Cases
US Private Vaults Seizure May 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Orange City, Iowa, Rental Inspections May 2021 4th Amendment Project Pending Cases
Tarpon Springs Food Trucks May 2021 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Long Island Hardware Store May 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Arizona Forfeiture Appeal April 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
New York Teletherapy April 2021 First Amendment Pending Cases
North Carolina Drones March 2021 First Amendment Pending Cases
Pasco Predictive Policing March 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Colorado Transportation CON March 2021 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Texas SWAT Destruction March 2021 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Lantana Fines February 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services of Nevada, Inc. v. Chandra February 2021 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Sierra Vista Zoning February 2021 Private Property Pending Cases
Wisconsin Cottage Foods II February 2021 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Oklahoma Threading February 2021 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Oliva v. Nivar February 2021 Immunity and Accountability Past Cases
D.C. Teletherapy December 2020 First Amendment Pending Cases
New York Permit Fines November 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
Eagle, WI Fines and Fees November 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
North Carolina Right to Shelter October 2020 Private Property Past Cases
Castle Hills Retaliation September 2020 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Oklahoma Compelled Speech September 2020 First Amendment Past Cases
Vermont Educational Choice September 2020 Educational Choice Pending Cases
New Hampshire Town Tuitioning September 2020 Educational Choice Past Cases
North Carolina Amortization August 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
North Carolina School Choice II August 2020 Educational Choice Pending Cases
South Carolina Civil Forfeiture July 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
California End-of-Life Doulas June 2020 First Amendment Pending Cases
California Firefighter Fresh Start June 2020 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Memphis Environmental Court June 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
Montana Doctor Dispensing June 2020 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Yavapai Free Speech and Association May 2020 First Amendment Past Cases
Lincoln, NE Cottage Foods May 2020 Economic Liberty Past Cases
New Orleans Ankle Monitors May 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
Utah Private Investigators April 2020 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Nebraska CON April 2020 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
North Carolina CON II April 2020 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Washington Little Free Pantry April 2020 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Tennessee Open Fields April 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
North Dakota Food Freedom March 2020 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Brownback v. King February 2020 Immunity and Accountability Pending Cases
Tennessee School Choice February 2020 Educational Choice Pending Cases
Detroit Civil Forfeiture February 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
West v. Winfield January 2020 Immunity and Accountability Past Cases
DEA and TSA Airport Forfeitures January 2020 Private Property Pending Cases
Arizona Engineering Licensing December 2019 First Amendment Pending Cases
Kentucky CON December 2019 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Lech v. City of Greenwood Village November 2019 Immunity and Accountability Past Cases
Miami Forfeiture Attorneys' Fees November 2019 Private Property Past Cases
Woodcrest Homes, Inc. v. Carousel Farms Metro. Dis November 2019 Private Property Past Cases
Washington Street Fees October 2019 Private Property Past Cases
Zion, Illinois Rental Inspections September 2019 Private Property Pending Cases
Nevada Tax Credit Scholarships August 2019 Educational Choice Past Cases
Minnesota Continuing Legal Education August 2019 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Granite City Compulsory Evictions August 2019 Private Property Pending Cases
Charlottesville Writer Tax July 2019 First Amendment Pending Cases
Mississippi Food Labeling Law July 2019 First Amendment Past Cases
Texas Doctor Dispensing June 2019 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Louisiana Hair Braiding June 2019 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Mandan, ND Mural May 2019 First Amendment Past Cases
Dunedin, FL Foreclosure May 2019 Private Property Pending Cases
Chicago Impound April 2019 Private Property Pending Cases
Pennsylvania Forfeiture FOIA April 2019 Private Property Past Cases
Indiana Eyeglasses April 2019 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Norco, CA Enforcement Fees April 2019 Private Property Past Cases
Pennsylvania Pipeline Eminent Domain March 2019 Private Property Past Cases
Great Lakes Pilot March 2019 First Amendment Pending Cases
South Padre Island Food Trucks February 2019 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Government Gag Orders January 2019 First Amendment Past Cases
Virginia Teaching December 2018 First Amendment Past Cases
Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association v. Thomas December 2018 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Pennsylvania Fresh Start December 2018 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Fort Pierce Food Trucks December 2018 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Seattle Rental Inspections December 2018 Private Property Past Cases
Akron Right to Shelter October 2018 Private Property Pending Cases
Fish Creek, WI Vending October 2018 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Veterinary Speech II October 2018 First Amendment Pending Cases
Carolina Beach Food Trucks August 2018 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Carson v. Makin August 2018 Educational Choice Pending Cases
Virginia Books August 2018 Private Property Pending Cases
Washington Work Study August 2018 Educational Choice Past Cases
North Carolina CON July 2018 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Mississippi Mapping July 2018 First Amendment Past Cases
Georgia Lactation Consultants June 2018 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Cleveland Forfeiture May 2018 Private Property Past Cases
Puerto Rico School Choice May 2018 Educational Choice Past Cases
Doraville Ticketing May 2018 Private Property Pending Cases
Houston Forfeiture May 2018 Private Property Pending Cases
Washington, D.C. Day Care Education April 2018 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
FDA Skim Milk April 2018 First Amendment Past Cases
Indio Attorney's Fees February 2018 Private Property Pending Cases
Timbs v. Indiana January 2018 Private Property Past Cases
New Jersey Baked Goods Ban December 2017 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Nashville Home-Based Business December 2017 Private Property Pending Cases
Wyoming Forfeiture December 2017 Private Property Past Cases
California Trade Schools October 2017 First Amendment Past Cases
Florida Diet Coaching October 2017 First Amendment Pending Cases
Eagle Pass Forfeiture September 2017 Private Property Past Cases
North Carolina Makeup Schools August 2017 First Amendment Past Cases
Jarreau v. South LaFourche Levee District July 2017 Private Property Past Cases
Pennsylvania Property Management July 2017 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
Louisville Vending June 2017 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Iowa Certificate of Need June 2017 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Oregon Engineering Speech April 2017 First Amendment Past Cases
Orange Park Sign April 2017 First Amendment Past Cases
Minnesota Interstate Shipping March 2017 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Pottstown, Pa. Rental Inspections March 2017 Private Property Pending Cases
Charlestown Property Rights February 2017 Private Property Past Cases
San Diego Forfeiture November 2016 Private Property Past Cases
South Carolina Eyeglasses October 2016 Economic Liberty Pending Cases
New York City Evictions October 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Arizona Forfeiture October 2016 Private Property Pending Cases
West Haven Eminent Domain September 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Albuquerque Forfeiture August 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Alabama Right to Petition August 2016 First Amendment Past Cases
Colorado Lawyer Free Speech August 2016 First Amendment Past Cases
Georgia Eminent Domain August 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Louisiana Threading August 2016 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Dallas Amortization July 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Connecticut Forfeiture May 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Baltimore Vending May 2016 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Muskogee Forfeiture April 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Douglas County Religious Exclusion April 2016 Educational Choice Past Cases
Alabama Caskets April 2016 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Little Rock Taxis March 2016 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Indiana Forfeiture February 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Charleston Tour Guides January 2016 First Amendment Past Cases
Colorado Private Enforcement January 2016 First Amendment Past Cases
Minnesota Rental Inspections January 2016 Private Property Past Cases
Wisconsin Baked Good Ban January 2016 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue December 2015 Educational Choice Past Cases
New Mexico Forfeiture November 2015 Private Property Past Cases
Pagedale Municipal Fines November 2015 Private Property Past Cases
Iowa Hair Braiding October 2015 Economic Liberty Past Cases
San Antonio Food Trucks October 2015 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Nevada School Choice September 2015 Educational Choice Past Cases
New Jersey Headstones July 2015 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Structuring Petitions July 2015 Private Property Past Cases
Kentucky Forfeiture June 2015 Private Property Past Cases
Bowling Green Taxis June 2015 Economic Liberty Past Cases
North Carolina Forfeiture May 2015 Private Property Past Cases
San Diego Taxis April 2015 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Craft Beer December 2014 Private Property Past Cases
Florida Skim Milk November 2014 First Amendment Past Cases
Savannah Tour Guides November 2014 First Amendment Past Cases
Long Island Forfeiture October 2014 Private Property Past Cases
Iowa Forfeiture October 2014 Private Property Past Cases
Florida School Choice: Tuition Tax Credits and Special Needs September 2014 Educational Choice Past Cases
Milwaukee Taxis 2 August 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Philadelphia Forfeiture August 2014 Private Property Pending Cases
Washington Hair Braiding 2 June 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Missouri Hair Braiding June 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arkansas Hair Braiding June 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arkansas Dentistry May 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Atlantic City Eminent Domain - Birnbaum May 2014 Private Property Past Cases
Georgia School Choice May 2014 Educational Choice Past Cases
Minnesota Campaign Speech Limits April 2014 First Amendment Past Cases
Georgia Teeth Whitening April 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Chicago Ridesharing March 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arizona Animal Massage March 2014 Economic Liberty Past Cases
North Carolina School Choice January 2014 Educational Choice Past Cases
Oregon Raw Milk November 2013 First Amendment Past Cases
Minnesota Cottage Foods November 2013 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Florida Vegetable Gardens November 2013 Private Property Past Cases
Alabama School Choice October 2013 Educational Choice Past Cases
Texas Hair Braiding Instruction October 2013 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Michigan Forfeiture September 2013 Private Property Past Cases
Tampa Minimum Fares August 2013 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Sacramento Signs August 2013 First Amendment Past Cases
Kentucky Psychology Speech July 2013 First Amendment Past Cases
Washington Recall 2: Lawyer Free Speech June 2013 First Amendment Past Cases
California Forfeiture May 2013 Private Property Past Cases
Alabama Teeth Whitening April 2013 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Veterinary Speech April 2013 First Amendment Past Cases
New Hampshire Business Tax Credit Scholarship Program January 2013 Educational Choice Past Cases
Chicago Food Trucks November 2012 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Louisiana School Choice July 2012 Educational Choice Past Cases
Nevada Makeup June 2012 First Amendment Past Cases
Virginia Certificate of Need June 2012 Economic Liberty Past Cases
North Carolina Free Speech May 2012 First Amendment Past Cases
Norfolk, VA Sign May 2012 First Amendment Past Cases
Portland Sedans April 2012 Economic Liberty Past Cases
IRS Tax Preparers March 2012 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Minnesota Embalming Rooms January 2012 Economic Liberty Past Cases
NOLA Tours December 2011 First Amendment Past Cases
Connecticut Teeth Whitening November 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Fountain Hills, Ariz. Speech November 2011 First Amendment Past Cases
Minnesota Rental Caps October 2011 Private Property Past Cases
Mississippi Citizen Speech October 2011 First Amendment Past Cases
Lake Chelan Ferries October 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Hialeah Vending October 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Massachusetts Forfeiture October 2011 Private Property Past Cases
Milwaukee Taxis September 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arizona Education Savings September 2011 Educational Choice Past Cases
Atlanta Vending July 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Indiana School Choice July 2011 Educational Choice Past Cases
Arizona Eyebrow Threading June 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Douglas Co., Colorado’s Scholarship Program June 2011 Educational Choice Past Cases
Washington Recall June 2011 First Amendment Past Cases
Utah Hair Braiding April 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Nashville Limos April 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Georgia Forfeiture March 2011 Private Property Past Cases
El Paso Vending January 2011 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Shirlington Dog Park Mural December 2010 First Amendment Past Cases
Florida Citizen Speech September 2010 First Amendment Past Cases
D.C. Tour Guides September 2010 First Amendment Past Cases
Louisiana Caskets August 2010 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Minnesota Small Farms May 2010 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Washington Grassroots Lobbying April 2010 First Amendment Past Cases
Texas Forfeiture April 2010 Private Property Past Cases
Louisiana Florists (new challenge) March 2010 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Bone Marrow—NOTA Challenge December 2009 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Eyebrow Threading December 2009 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Virginia Yoga Challenge December 2009 First Amendment Past Cases
Dallas Sign Ban November 2009 First Amendment Past Cases
San Juan Vending September 2009 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Florida Interior Design May 2009 First Amendment Past Cases
Washington Special Needs Discrimination November 2008 Educational Choice Past Cases
Texas Eminent Domain Censorship October 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
St. Paul Minn. Property Rights October 2008 Private Property Past Cases
Florida Political Speech October 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
Interior Design Litigation October 2008 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Oklahoma Interior Design September 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
Connecticut Interior Design September 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
Nashville, TN Eminent Domain July 2008 Private Property Past Cases
Philadelphia Tour Guides July 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
Clarksville, TN Eminent Domain Protest June 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
Texas Computer Repair June 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
Maryland Animal Massage June 2008 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Equine Dentistry (2nd Challenge) April 2008 Economic Liberty Past Cases February 2008 First Amendment Past Cases
National City Eminent Domain September 2007 Private Property Past Cases
Texas Equine Dentistry August 2007 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Wisconsin Gas June 2007 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arizona San Tan Flat June 2007 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Texas Interior Design May 2007 First Amendment Past Cases
St. Louis Signs May 2007 First Amendment Past Cases
Minneapolis Taxis May 2007 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arizona Special Needs & Foster Care March 2007 Educational Choice Past Cases
Didden December 2006 Private Property Past Cases
Red Wing Minnesota Trash Hauling December 2006 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Red Wing Rental Inspections November 2006 Private Property Past Cases
Arizona Corporate Tax Credit Scholarships October 2006 Educational Choice Past Cases
Strobel Family Investments Eminent Domain September 2006 Private Property Past Cases
Riviera Beach, FL Eminent Domain September 2006 Private Property Past Cases
Parker North, CO Free Speech September 2006 First Amendment Past Cases
New Mexico Interior Design September 2006 First Amendment Past Cases
Long Branch, NJ Eminent Domain August 2006 Private Property Past Cases
Minnesota Horse Teeth Floating August 2006 Economic Liberty Past Cases
New Hampshire Free Speech June 2006 First Amendment Past Cases
Minneapolis Sign Hangers May 2006 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Pennsylvania River Rafting April 2006 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Maryland Funeral Homes March 2006 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Minnesota Winery Internet Speech October 2005 First Amendment Past Cases
Arizona Weed Control September 2005 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Colorado Free Speech September 2005 First Amendment Past Cases
Washington No New Gas Tax August 2005 First Amendment Past Cases
Missouri Caskets May 2005 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Minnesota Hair Braiding April 2005 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Tempe, AZ Condemnation March 2005 Private Property Past Cases
Seattle Bed & Breakfast March 2005 Economic Liberty Past Cases
New Hampshire Home Inspections August 2004 Private Property Past Cases
Washington Hair Braiding August 2004 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Mississippi Hair Braiding August 2004 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Georgia Rental Inspections July 2004 Private Property Past Cases
Lynnwood, WA Sign Ordinance June 2004 First Amendment Past Cases
Arizona Campaign Finance (Second Challenge) January 2004 First Amendment Past Cases
Louisiana Florists (first challenge) December 2003 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arizona Hair Braiding December 2003 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Norwood, OH Eminent Domain September 2003 Private Property Past Cases
"Got Milk" Ad Campaign August 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Glendale, OH Free Speech July 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Redmond, WA Free Speech July 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Utah Asset Forfeiture June 2003 Private Property Past Cases
Colorado Opportunity Contract Program May 2003 Educational Choice Past Cases
Mackinac Free Speech May 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Lakewood, OH, Eminent Domain May 2003 Private Property Past Cases
California Internet Real Estate Restrictions May 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Seattle Trash Hauling May 2003 Economic Liberty Past Cases
New Orleans Book Ban April 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Mesa, AZ Signs January 2003 First Amendment Past Cases
Yuma, Arizona Rental Inspections November 2002 Private Property Past Cases
Washington Student Teacher Policies September 2002 Educational Choice Past Cases
Maine School Choice II September 2002 Educational Choice Past Cases
Mesa, AZ Eminent Domain October 2001 Private Property Past Cases
Oklahoma Caskets March 2001 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Mississippi Eminent Domain March 2001 Private Property Past Cases
New Jersey Forfeiture January 2001 Private Property Past Cases
Kelo Eminent Domain December 2000 Private Property Past Cases
New York Eminent Domain October 2000 Private Property Past Cases
Pittsburgh Fifth & Forbes Condemnation June 2000 Private Property Past Cases
Arizona Individual Tax Credit Scholarships (Federal) February 2000 Educational Choice Past Cases
New York Wine February 2000 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Illinois Tuition Tax Credit November 1999 Educational Choice Past Cases
Tennessee Caskets September 1999 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Arizona Campaign Finance (First Challenge) September 1999 First Amendment Past Cases
Pittsburgh Wool August 1999 Private Property Past Cases
Cleveland, Ohio, School Choice (Federal Case) July 1999 Educational Choice Past Cases
Florida School Choice: Opportunity Scholarship Programs June 1999 Educational Choice Past Cases
Las Vegas Limousines May 1998 Economic Liberty Past Cases
North Dakota Micro-Radio March 1998 First Amendment Past Cases
Ohio Hair Braiding October 1997 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Maine School Choice I July 1997 Educational Choice Past Cases
CFTC Challenge July 1997 First Amendment Past Cases
New York Vans February 1997 Economic Liberty Past Cases
California Hair Braiding January 1997 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Atlantic City Condemnation - Vera Coking December 1996 Private Property Past Cases
Chittenden, VT School Choice August 1996 Educational Choice Past Cases
Cleveland, Ohio, School Choice (State Case) January 1996 Educational Choice Past Cases
Park Forest, IL Rental Inspections December 1995 Private Property Past Cases
Southeast Delco, Pennsylvania August 1995 Educational Choice Past Cases
Milwaukee School Choice August 1995 Educational Choice Past Cases
Interracial Adoption in Texas and Tennessee (joined) April 1995 Other Past Cases
Minnesota Takings December 1994 Private Property Past Cases
Davis Bacon Act November 1993 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Denver Taxis January 1993 Economic Liberty Past Cases
Los Angeles School Choice June 1992 Educational Choice Past Cases
Chicago School Choice June 1992 Educational Choice Past Cases
Washington DC Hair Braiding November 1991 Economic Liberty Past Cases