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  • March 13, 2019    |   Private Property

    Pennsylvania Pipeline Eminent Domain

    Pipelines & Eminent Domain: Take Now, Pay (Much) Later

    Pipeline companies create an essential part of America’s energy infrastructure, but their power is supposed to be limited. As documented below, however, the power of pipeline companies to take people’s private property is anything but limited:  It is a power that is systematically abused by pipeline companies across the nation. Worse yet, the courts—rather than…

  • March 6, 2019    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Great Lakes Pilot

    Coast Guard-empowered private association concocts reasons to keep an experienced captain from working

    Captain Matthew Hight thought he would earn a living navigating cargo carriers on the Great Lakes. Instead, an unholy alliance of a federal bureaucracy and a legalized monopoly suddenly rendered him a castaway. Now he’s setting sail with the Institute for Justice to get his job back and ensure that no one else has their…

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