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  • December 5, 2019    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Arizona Engineering Licensing

    Lawsuit Challenges Arizona Engineering Licensing Law

    Greg Mills is an engineer. For more than thirty years, Greg has designed, built, and tested electrical circuits for a veritable who’s-who of major manufacturing companies in Arizona. After years of working for others, in 2008, Greg started his own engineering company to serve startups and small businesses with product engineering needs. Greg’s services were…

  • December 4, 2019    |   Economic Liberty

    Kentucky CON

    Nepali Immigrants Sue Kentucky Over Law That Stopped Them from Opening a Home Health Care Business

    Dipendra Tiwari wants to provide home health care to refugees in Louisville in a language they understand. But Kentucky won’t let him because it says that service isn’t needed. How can that be? The answer is a government permission slip called a certificate of need. Nearly 100,000 Nepali speakers have been welcomed to the United…

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