Administrative Law

IJ Comments on Proposed Administrative Rules

Federal laws are seldom written by Congress. Similarly, some state statutes reflect little more than state legislators’ aspirations. Instead, Americans increasingly must abide by administrative rules prepared by officials in executive branches in Washington D.C. and state capitols. These rules control many aspects of life and are as binding as any statute until legislators enact superseding legislation.

Administrative agencies at the federal and state levels make laws through a process of “notice and comment.”

Consistent with its commitment to liberty, IJ engages in the development of administrative law in select, strategic ways. In addition to litigating against adopted rules, IJ attorneys submit comments on proposed rules in fields about which IJ knows from its research, litigation and legislative advocacy.

IJ submits Petitions for Rulemaking in executive branches in D.C. and state capitols

Recent Petitions for Rulemaking