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New IJ Research Holds a Mirror to the Ugly Face of Beauty Licensing

  • Mindy Menjou

IJ supporters know that we’ve long fought to exempt natural hair braiders, eyebrow threaders, and other niche beauty service providers from burdensome licensing requirements. We also challenge and end so-called good character requirements that…

Family Farm Wins Early Victory Against Local Retaliation

  • Alexa Gervasi

This summer, Erica and Zach Mallory of Eagle, Wisconsin, scored an important victory for the freedom to speak out against government abuses. A federal court ruled for them and for IJ in our challenge…

VICTORY for Educational Choice in New Hampshire!

  • Kirby Thomas West

As the new school year begins, families across New Hampshire are enjoying new choices for their kids’ education. Thanks to a major legislative victory spurred by an IJ lawsuit, people like IJ clients…

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