What makes the IJ Clinic different?

We act as wrap-around legal counsel representing low-income entrepreneurs who are navigating a myriad of issues.

Students working in the IJ Clinic advise on complex and varied issues like overcoming regulatory obstacles to manufacturing in Chicago, evaluating a proposal by a potential investor, structuring ownership of a worker-owned business, protecting intellectual property…and much more.

As a recent IJ Clinic Student reflected “One of the best things about the IJ Clinic is how closely and often we work directly with our clients. We’re talking with our clients at least once a week and sometimes even more.”

Many of our clients have social justice and community building goals as part of their business missions. Students’ work supporting clients amplifies efforts of these small businesses to create jobs, bring services to their communities, fill vacant storefronts and make an impact on their customers and neighborhoods.

Without the counsel and hard work of the IJ Clinic Students, these businesses would be left to resolving their legal issues alone.

To hear from IJ Clinic Students and Clients watch this 20th Anniversary video – Cheers to 20 Years of IJ’s Clinic on Entrepreneurship Helping Small Business Owners – YouTube

Who is Eligible?

2Ls, 3Ls and LLMs may enroll in the IJ Clinic. Students who are new to the IJ Clinic should sign up for 2 credits in their first quarter.  After that, students may sign up for 1-3 credits per quarter.

The IJ Clinic Director Beth Kregor and Assistant Director Cathy Gryczan teach Entrepreneurship and The Law, a three-credit seminar. You are not required to enroll in this course to participate in the IJ Clinic.

The IJ Clinic also hires students (usually rising 2Ls) and PILI fellows to carry our work forward during the summer. Summer clerks and fellows have more time to counsel clients, work on client service teams and build a special camaraderie that comes from getting immersed in the important work we carry on for clients.

How Can I Learn More? Feel free to stop by the IJ Clinic, which is in the southeast corner of the first floor of the Arthur Kane Center (K108-K111), call us at 773-834-3129 or email our team at [email protected]