Educating Law Students

What Can I Learn in the IJ Clinic?

The IJ Clinic is a practical training ground for law students to get experience working directly with entrepreneurs on start-up, corporate, transactional and regulatory issues. The IJ Clinic involves students in every phase of client representation. Students interview applicants and help decide which clients to accept and engage, travel into the city’s neighborhoods to visit the clients’ businesses, research regulatory issues, set up and structure business entities, draft and review contracts, counsel clients on the protection of intellectual property and, most importantly, assist entrepreneurs in turning their dreams into reality.

Through extensive mentoring and one-on-one feedback from the IJ Clinic’s attorneys, students can prepare themselves for any practice that involves careful statutory analysis, legal writing, client counseling or drafting. Students will also learn about the real world of entrepreneurship and how lawyers and clients collaborate to navigate a complex but exciting world that is not all theory.

Who is Eligible?

2Ls and 3Ls may enroll in the IJ Clinic for two to six quarters, if they take Entrepreneurship and The Law, a three-credit seminar, or receive instructor approval based on similar coursework.

The IJ Clinic also hires students (usually rising 2Ls) and PILI fellows to carry our work forward during the summer. Summer clerks and fellows have the opportunity to dive in to the work.

How Can I Learn More?

Feel free to stop by the IJ Clinic, which is in the southeast corner of the first floor of the Arthur Kane Center (K108-K111), call us at 773-834-3129 or email Beth Kregor at bkregor@ij.org or Erik Castelan at ecastelan@ij.org.

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