• 2Ls, 3Ls and LLMs may enroll in the IJ Clinic.
  • Enrollment is available in each of the Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters, subject to open seats.
  • Students who are new to the IJ Clinic are required to sign up for 2 credits in their first quarter.  After that, students may sign up for 1-3 credits per quarter.  Students work in the IJ Clinic for at least 2 quarters, and many stay for six! 
  • No bidding is necessary.
  • 1 Credit Hour = 4 Working Hours of Client Work per week on average 

Class Time

The IJ Clinic has a weekly 2-hour time slot in the class schedule at the Law School, but we meet as a class only 4 times a quarter, and we usually meet for about 1 1/2 hours.  We want to reserve students’ time for serving clients and exploring the practice of law. 

Teamwork and Mentoring

The IJ Clinic is a community within the Law School.  Teammates get to know each other well.  The faculty take seriously their role as mentors as well as coaches for students developing into insightful, polished lawyers. 

Summer Opportunities

The IJ Clinic also hires UChicago law students (usually three rising 2Ls) and two PILI fellows to carry our work forward during the summer. Summer clerks and fellows have more time to counsel clients, work on client service teams and build a special camaraderie that comes from getting immersed in the important work we carry on for clients. 

Pro Bono Hours

The hours you work in the IJ Clinic which serves under-resourced entrepreneurs count towards the pro bono service hours required for admission to the NY bar (50-hour requirement). We can certify these pro bono hours for you when applying for the bar exam. 

Entrepreneurship and the Law Seminar

The IJ Clinic Director, Beth Kregor and Assistant Director, Cathy Gryczan also teach this three-credit seminar. You are welcome to join us but it is not a prerequisite to enroll in this course to participate in the IJ Clinic.