Steve and Tina Thomas

Plaintiffs Stephen (Steve) and Christina (Tina) Thomas are a married couple who reside in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. They have three children: Caroline, Ian, and Nathan. Steve and Tina have sent Caroline and Ian to Valor Christian High School, but even with the help of financial aid from the school, they have had to make significant financial sacrifices to do so. Nathan is currently attending eighth grade at a Douglas County public school, and Steve and Tina wish to send him to Valor Christian High School, as well. Doing so, however, will be a substantial financial struggle for the family

  • April 19, 2016    |   Educational Choice

    Douglas County Religious Exclusion

    Parents Sue over Limiting Families’ Options under New School Choice Program

    The Institute for Justice (IJ) filed a federal civil rights action to vindicate the rights of three Douglas County families after the Board of Education for Douglas County, Colorado, adopted a School Choice Grant Program that barred religious schools from the program. Thus, a student could not use her grant to attend a religious school,…

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