Los Angeles School Choice

Arviso v. Honig
Institute for Justice Sought Voucher Remedy from Failing Los Angeles Public Schools

The Institute for Justice filed a lawsuit on behalf of several dozen low-income parents and children trapped in Los Angeles public schools, challenging under the California Constitution the shockingly poor quality of public schooling and demanding a “voucher” remedy to enable the parents to obtain a better education for their children in private schools.  California courts dismissed the case.

Essential Background


Backgrounder: on this case

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Lauch Release: “Voucher” remedy sought for low-income parents in major lawsuits filed against chicago and los angeles public schools
(June 9, 1992)

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Legal Briefs and Decisions

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Case Timeline

Lawsuit Filed:


June 11, 1992

Court Filed:


Los Angeles County Superior Court



June 27, 1995:  Petition for Supreme Court review denied



Mar. 23, 1995: California Court of Appeals, Second District, sustained demurrer by California Superior Court



June 4, 1993: Los Angeles County Superior Court demurrers



Case Completed

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