Just like all Americans, D.C. residents deserve the chance to start a small business–to take risks as innovative entrepreneurs looking to better their own lives.

But unfortunately for them, D.C. agencies have adopted onerous rules and regulations that make doing so difficult for innovators and would-be business owners in the District. That’s why, with the goal of making it cheaper, faster, and simpler to start a business in D.C., IJ has partnered with local entrepreneurs to create District Works, a coalition seeking regulatory reform that is scheduled to be launched this spring.

To set the stage for reform in the District, IJ’s activism team has already begun working with government officials and policymakers to understand D.C. business licensing. We have also conducted surveys of small-business owners and testified in front of City Council in favor of positive reform efforts. But that’s just the beginning–we need your help to change laws that impede low-income residents’ ability to start their own businesses.

Small and local businesses are the heart of D.C.’s economy, but expensive fees, long wait times, and excessive red tape are complicating their version of the American Dream.

Stay in touch to learn how you can show your support for entrepreneurs as they fight citywide for common-sense regulatory reform. Please email IJ Activism Researcher Alex Montgomery at [email protected] for more information.