AAA Scholarship Foundation

AAA Scholarship Foundation is a scholarship organization registered with the Nevada Department of Education to accept donations and provide scholarships. AAA has provided scholarships to 1,311 Nevada students. The majority of families served by AAA are minorities and all are low-income. By removing the millions of dollars in planned tax credits, A.B. 458 has deprived AAA of millions of dollars in potential funding for future scholarships.

  • August 15, 2019    |   Educational Choice

    Nevada Tax Credit Scholarships

    Nevada’s Legislature ignores the state’s Constitution to reduce support for educational choice

    To ensure that students of every background have the educational opportunity they need to succeed, the state established the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program, a need-based program funded by private donations incentivized by tax credits. Families looking for just the right school for their children—but for whom private school is a financial impossibility—have the option…

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