Economic Liberty

Abdallah Batayneh

March 9, 2021

Abdallah Batayneh is a hardworking family man from Jordan. He came to this country with the dream of building a business and controlling his own destiny. An entrepreneur at heart, Abdallah manages his own cleaning company while still working full-time to help run a beautiful resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Abdallah loves the natural beauty of the mountain resort and is passionate about helping people visit so they can experience it for themselves. Unfortunately, the resort can be hard to reach without using a shuttle. Although there are two shuttle companies in the area, they take advantage of a government-enforced monopoly over transportation in the region. Since they don’t have to worry about competition, they have no incentive to keep costs down or provide great service to customers. Many of the resort’s guests told Abdallah that they had a hard time getting a ride, that the wait times were unreasonable and that the shuttles were too expensive.

So, Abdallah did what Americans have often done when they saw that customers’ needs were not being met—he decided to start his own business and compete.

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