Akhila Murphy

A decade ago, Akhila’s family was beset by tragedy. Her nephew, a young man full of potential, committed suicide. Not long after, her brother-in-law—the nephew’s dad—took his own life, wracked by grief over his son’s passing. This experience set Akhila on a journey that led her to become an end-of-life doula to help families honor their deceased loved ones through a home funeral, an ancient tradition that many Americans have forgotten.

  • June 30, 2020    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    California End-of-Life Doulas

    State Funeral Bureau opposes resurgence of a meaningful American tradition

    Retirees Akhila Murphy and Donna Peizer are end-of-life doulas in rural California who help families plan and hold home funerals. An end-of-life doula assists in the last stage of life and transition to death. A doula may play the following roles: helping plan for the end of a person’s life; being present in the days…

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