Alan and Judy Gillis

Alan and Judy Gillis have lived in Orrington, Maine, a tuitioning town, for 25 years. Their youngest daughter, Isabella, is currently a junior at Bangor Christian Schools. Isabella has previously attended public schools, but Alan and Judy chose Bangor Christian because the school’s worldview aligns with their sincerely held religious beliefs. If the Gillis family had selected a non-religious private school for Isabella, the Town of Orrington would pay her tuition to the private school. But because Alan and Judy have chosen a religious school for their daughter, Maine prohibits the town from paying Isabella’s tuition to Bangor Christian Schools.

  • August 20, 2018    |   Educational Choice

    Maine School Choice III

    Maine Families Fight for School Choice in U.S. Supreme Court Appeal

    SPECIAL: Carson, Gillis, and Nelson v. Hasson U.S. Supreme Court Media Kit Institute for Justice Carson, Gillis, and Nelson v. Hasson News Release Litigation Backgrounder Institute for Justice Petition for Certiorari Client Photos Video interview with attorney and parent School Choice Myths & Realities On behalf of three Maine families, the Institute for Justice (IJ)…

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