Andy Nobles

Andy Nobles, a 25-year resident of metropolitan Atlanta, lives in the same building.  He loves the history of the building, with its old-fashioned steam radiators and coal bin.  Andy prefers the simplicity and efficiency of renting rather than spending his valuable time maintaining a home.  But he resents that fact that, in the eyes of the city government, that makes him a second-class citizen compared to homeowners, who are not required by the City to allow strangers into their homes to poke around.

  • July 21, 2004    |   Private Property

    Georgia Rental Inspections

    Mandatory Inspections of Rental Property: Is Your Apartment Your Castle?

    The City of Marietta enacted a rental-housing inspection ordinance in 2004, requiring landlords to obtain “rental licenses” for all rental properties. To obtain a license, landlords had to hire and pay City-approved “rental housing inspectors” to inspect and certify that properties were in compliance with all housing codes. Nothing in the ordinance, however, required the…

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