Economic Liberty
Private Property

Bianca King

February 15, 2022

Bianca King is a single mother to two small children. After being laid off during the pandemic, she realized how beneficial a neighborhood daycare could be for other parents struggling to find quality, affordable childcare. Bianca began watching a few of her neighbors’ children during the workday as she stayed home with her own two children. The parents are extremely happy with Bianca’s daycare, which provides an intimate and loving setting for their children so close to home.

She is registered with the state of Texas to run a home daycare. When she found out she also needed a permit from the city of Lakeway, she applied for one. However, a group of angry golfers voiced their opposition to Bianca’s business. City officials then denied her application, citing an overly broad home-business ordinance.

Bianca has teamed up with the Institute for Justice to challenge Lakeway’s home-business ordinance in state court and defend her right to earn an honest living.

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