Bill Brody

Bill Brody, like his father, owns a lumberyard and hardware store.  He also buys buildings and renovates them.  He purchased several adjacent buildings in Port Chester, New York, only a few minutes from his home.  The four joined buildings were in total disrepair, but Brody believed that Main Street held promise.  Over the next few years, Bill spent countless hours and thousands of dollars completely renovating and restoring the buildings.

  • October 4, 2000    |   Private Property

    New York Eminent Domain

    Hopelessly Rigged: New Yorkers Try to Save Their Property

    The abuse of eminent domain—where government takes private property against the owner’s will—is a nationwide problem. But for years, New York property owners faced a particularly outrageous system not only fraught with abuse, but set up to prevent property owners from challenging such abuse under state procedures. On Wednesday, October 4, 2000, the Washington, D.C.-based…

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