Bryan Singer and Erika Nordyke

May 27, 2021

Bryan Singer and Erika Nordyke live in a single-family home that they rent from Josh Dykstra and his business partners. They moved to Orange City about six years ago for Bryan’s job. Bryan grew up about 20 miles from Orange City, while Erika is from Southeast Iowa. Erika works at Hope Haven, a facility in Orange City that helps disabled individuals become more independent and successful. She has worked there for a little over two years. Bryan is an aerospace engineer; he has worked at the same building for 7–8 years, but the business changed hands about two years ago. 

They have been living in their single-family home for six years. Living with them are a dog, two cats, and some other small pets. They describe their relationship with their landlord, Josh Dykstra, as positive. If they need something fixed in the house, they reach out to Josh and he either gives them the number for someone to call or sends someone to repair the problem. The Singers have not had any problems with Josh as a landlord. 

Erika and Bryan are both against strangers coming into their homes. They each described why having someone snoop around is an invasion of privacy and noted that they would be uncomfortable with someone seeing the most intimate parts of their home.  

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