Carla Main

Before becoming an author and journalist, Carla Main practiced as an attorney in New York City for ten years.  She worked in the areas of real estate, First Amendment and civil rights.  Until 2005, Main was an associate editor of The National Law Journal, where she edited the opinion page of the paper and wrote a column on law and society.  She has written for The Wall Street Journal, Policy Review, National Review, The American Lawyer and The New York Sun, among other publications.

Her book, Bulldozed, in addition to examining the history of eminent domain in America from the time of the Founders, is a sober, journalistic account of the events that occurred in Freeport, Texas.

  • October 23, 2008    |   First Amendment

    Texas Eminent Domain Censorship

    Dangerous Trend: Bulldozing Free Speech

    In perhaps the most striking example of a disturbing national trend, Dallas developer H. Walker Royall sued to silence anyone who dared to criticize his abuse of eminent domain. Similar suits have been filed in Tennessee, Missouri and elsewhere by developers and governments looking to silence critics of eminent domain for private gain. When the…

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