Chasidy Decker is a 47-year-old woman who has lived in the Boise area for almost her entire life. She has worked as a bookkeeper and a cosmetologist. In 2019, Chasidy temporarily moved to Reno to help her mother handle the death of Chasidy’s grandfather. Chasidy’s mother inherited some money from Chasidy’s grandfather and gave Chasidy money to buy a very attractive 252-square-foot tiny home on wheels from Tiny Idahomes in Emmett, Idaho. But as much as Chasidy loved being close to her mom, Chasidy couldn’t wait to move back home to the Boise area. She spent months actively looking for a place where she could park her tiny home in the Treasure Valley.

Finally, Chasidy connected with Robert Calacal on Craigslist, who was waiting to close on a house on Leisure Lane in Meridian, near Cherry Lane and Linder Road. Robert advertised that his new house had RV hookups to rent, which could be used for water, sewer and electric needs. Robert and Chasidy signed a lease for Chasidy to rent the RV hookup and space next to Robert’s house for $600 a month. Chasidy moved to Meridian and parked her tiny house at the address immediately after Robert closed on the house, in mid-May 2022. She also got a new job nearby.