Christa Eckert Blum

Christa Eckert Blum moved to the West End neighborhood with her husband.  Christa’s grandfather’s home was seized by the Soviets during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  Originally from Latvia, she and her family were forced to flee the invading Soviet forces during World War II.  While forcing people out of their homes happened all the time in war-torn Europe, she certainly didn’t expect it in America.

  • May 19, 2003    |   Private Property

    Lakewood, OH, Eminent Domain

    Ohio’s “City of Homes” Faces Wrecking Ball of Eminent Domain Abuse: Homeowners Challenge Bogus “Blight” Designation

    Lakewood, Ohio’s official motto is “The City of Homes.” Yet the City sought to take away through its power of eminent domain the homes of many residents not for a public use, but for private development—specifically, for high-end shopping and upscale condos. Among those who would have been kicked out were Jim and JoAnn Saleet,…

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