Cynthia Hernandez

March 10, 2015

Cindy is a Connecticut native with an MBA who spent most of her career working as a computer scientist in the reinsurance field.  With her son approaching school age, Cindy asked herself what she would really like to do for a living and decided that her lifelong interest in interior design—with its creativity, opportunities for entrepreneurship and emphasis on personal relationships—would perfectly suit her talents and interests. After researching various opportunities in the interior design industry, Cindy decided to open an Interiors by Decorating Den franchise.  Obtaining the franchise was not easy, and involved taking a round of aptitude tests (which she aced), and several weeks of rigorous hands-on training at Decorating Den’s headquarters in Maryland, with extensive follow-up study at home. Cindy’s interior design business, “Ideal Interiors,” focuses exclusively on residential services, featuring comprehensive space-planning that includes everything from brainstorming about how to use a space to furniture and finish selection.