Cynthia Perry

Cynthia Perry is the mother of Amiyah (called “Faith”) Perry, who attends a Wake County public elementary school. Perry sent her older son and niece to Wake County public schools, but the same approach just is not working for her youngest daughter. Faith, who has trouble with reading comprehension and has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, has already had to attend summer school twice. Perry is afraid that, if Faith stays in the public schools, she will slip through the cracks. Perry worries about the impact on Faith’s self-esteem, confidence, and future academic prospects. Perry has lost confidence in the Wake County public schools and has applied for an Opportunity Scholarship so that she can send Faith to a private school. She believes that Faith needs a school with smaller classes so that she can receive more individualized attention. Perry is a single mother who only recently became reemployed as a child care worker after being laid off from her previous job. She cannot afford to send Faith to private school on her own—she needs the financial lifeline of an Opportunity Scholarship.

  • January 30, 2014    |   Educational Choice

    North Carolina School Choice

    North Carolina Parents Join Legal Battle To Defend School Choice Program

    Through the Opportunity Scholarship Program, North Carolina is giving low-income families the same educational choices that wealthier families already enjoy.

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