Dale Bell

Dale brought his vision for a new restaurant to Arizona.  He and his then-12-year-old son, Spencer, toured Pinal County to find just the right piece of land for a casual dining steakhouse that would resemble an old western mining encampment.  With experience opening and running successful restaurants, Dale had a specific vision in mind:  the steakhouse would provide high-quality food, an opportunity for the patrons to enjoy their food and drink outside under the stars, and live country music entertainment.  It opened November 1, 2005.

San Tan Flat has a center courtyard open to the stars and an open patio in the back with benches, museum-quality western artifacts and campfires for customers to enjoy Arizona’s temperate climate, roast marshmallows and, if they like, dance.  One side of the restaurant includes a sheltered open-air stage for live music in the evenings and on weekend nights.  Enjoying the music, Dale’s customers (especially the children of his patrons) are occasionally inspired to dance.

  • June 6, 2007    |   Economic Liberty

    Arizona San Tan Flat

    Footloose 2008?: Local Entrepreneur & Institute for Justice Challenge Dance Ban in Pinal County, Ariz.

    Dale Bell just wanted to run his family business with his son, but Pinal County’s ridiculous obsession with dancing stood in the way of his American Dream. Dale and his son Spencer opened San Tan Flat, a popular Country & Western restaurant, in Pinal County, Arizona in 2005.  Shortly thereafter, County officials dusted off an…

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