Danyal and Mark Jones

March 16, 2015

Danyal and Mark Jones are the mother and father of Ragan Ashton Jones, who sent her to Resurrection Catholic School. The Joneses are not Catholic; they sent Ragan to Resurrection because of the quality of education it provides.  Ragan is excelling at her new school and set herself the goal of being the class valedictorian by the end of the school year.  Ragan and her parents are very comfortable with the religious atmosphere at Resurrection, where she has made new friends and where she is receiving the one-on-one math tutoring that she needs.  The taxcredit program makes Resurrection affordable for the Joneses, although the program will not cover all of the cost of sending Ragan to Resurrection.  The program has made it possible for them to move Ragan from a failing school where she was struggling to a school with a great reputation where she is thriving.

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