David and Ellen Keith

Plaintiffs David and Ellen Keith have lived in Pleasant Ridge since the 1970s. David is a retired autoworker and Ellen is a hairdresser in downtown Charlestown. Pleasant Ridge is also home to their extended family. They have a daughter, a granddaughter and even two great-grandchildren living next door in Pleasant Ridge. If Mayor Hall and Neace force them out of their home, they will be left nearly destitute in their retirement.

  • February 10, 2017    |   Private Property

    Charlestown Property Rights

    Eminent Domain in Disguise: Putting an End to Charlestown, Ind.’s Unconstitutional Home Inspection Scheme

    A small-town mayor in rural Indiana has made it his personal mission to oust the residents of a tight-knit working-class neighborhood, bulldoze their homes and build a fancy new subdivision for much wealthier people. The only things standing in his way are a plethora of state statutes, the Indiana and U.S. constitutions and, now, the…

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