Denise and Lee Hoagland

March 11, 2015

Denise Hoagland shares her gorgeous home with her three children and husband, Lee.  Like her neighbors, she is mystified by the fact that Long Branch thought it could simply take her home and give it to someone else for their private use.  Referring to her brother who had been stationed in Iraq, she said, “Here I have a brother fighting for the rights of other people, and his sister’s rights are being taken from her.”

A 12-year resident of the Marine Terrace, Ocean Terrace and Seaview Avenue neighborhood, Denise gave birth to her youngest child at home.  Lee, a carpenter by trade, added a beautiful wrap-around deck to the home.  Residents used this deck as a stage during a rally on October 15, 2005, against the abuse of eminent domain along the Long Branch beachfront.