Duane Boone

Duane Boone lives in Decatur, Texas.  He has been around horses his entire life, and he competed in riding and roping events in Oklahoma for over twenty years.  Duane enrolled at the Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry in Weatherford, Texas in November 2006, and has been floating horses’ teeth since then.  Duane has an established clientele in the north Texas area where he works, and he has floated the teeth of over 200 horses.

  • April 23, 2008    |   Economic Liberty

    Texas Equine Dentistry (2nd Challenge)

    A Second Challenge to Texas’ Elitist Veterinary Cartel

    Independent and self-reliant Texans have been taking care of their horses for a long time without unnecessary government meddling.  But bureaucrats in Austin have concocted a monopolistic licensing scheme that has been well-documented by national outlets such as The Economist as nothing more than an attempt to protect a cartel of state-licensed veterinarians by putting Texas entrepreneurs…

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