Florence and Derrick Doyle

Florence and Derrick Doyle have twins, Donovan and Alexandra, who attended Sagewood Middle School, a Douglas County public school. But Florence and Derrick wanted to send Donovan and Alexandra to a Catholic school—Regis Jesuit—for high school. Accordingly, they applied for and received scholarships under the Choice Scholarship Program, and the Douglas County School District approved Regis to participate in the program.

Florence and Derrick were attracted to Regis’s small class sizes, challenging college-prep curriculum, strict discipline and Jesuit approach to education. Importantly, Florence and Derrick wanted their children, whom they have raised Catholic, to go off to college with a strong spiritual background, which they would receive at Regis. Paying tuition for both children to attend Regis would be a substantial financial burden that the scholarships would help defray.

  • June 28, 2011    |   Educational Choice

    Douglas Co., Colorado’s Scholarship Program

    Defending Parents’ Right to Choose Their Children’s Schools: Douglas County, Colorado’s Innovative Scholarship Program Is Constitutional

    In Colorado, Douglas County created an innovative school choice program that offers modest scholarships to hundreds of students at a fraction of the cost of getting a public school education.

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