Gary Franco

Gary Franco is a true entrepreneur. Since the 1970s, he earned an honest living selling produce in public spots in and around San Juan County, Wash. Gary grew some of the produce on his own small farm but purchased most of it from fellow farmers. Frustrated by his inability to earn an honest living in his own country, Gary moved to Europe, where, ironically, he has found greater economic opportunity.

  • September 16, 2009    |   Economic Liberty

    San Juan Vending

    Vindicating the Right to Earn an Honest Living in the Evergreen State: Local Entrepreneur & Institute for Justice challenge San Juan County Vending Ordinance

    Too often, government officials are more concerned about protecting special interests than they are the rights of entrepreneurs.  That was the case in San Juan County, Wash., where the County council passed a law designed to shut down hardworking entrepreneur Gary Franco, a longtime produce vendor. The ordinance, passed at the behest of politically connected…

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