Jane Astramecki

March 11, 2015

Jane is a mother of six from Farmington.  She is also a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with a certificate in pâtisserie and baking.  But for two reasons, working in a bakery or commercial kitchen is not an option for Jane.  First, she wants to be home with her children.  Second, she suffered a serious accident several years ago that required three back surgeries and resulted in considerable nerve damage in her leg.  Consequently, standing for long periods of time is extremely difficult and she needs to lay down several times a day to alleviate the pain.

But Jane is trying to create a successful business despite her injuries.  She loves baking and wants to contribute to her family’s income.  So in 2010, she launched Jane Dough Bakery, selling homemade baked goods and jams at the Eagan and Farmington farmers’ markets. When not running Jane Dough Bakery, Jane teaches cake decorating classes at a Michael’s craft store near her home in Farmington.

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