Janice Craig

Janice Craig found that out the hard way. Janice was driving eastbound on a Doraville stretch of Buford Highway. As she was driving in the left lane she realized that it had changed into a turn-only lane. Because she wanted to continue driving straight, she carefully changed lanes before she passed through the intersection. A Doraville police officer nevertheless pulled her over and told her she “held up traffic.” She later received a $215 fine for “failure to obey traffic signs or control.” Janice now goes out of her way to avoid Doraville if she can.

  • May 24, 2018    |   Private Property

    Doraville Ticketing

    Lawsuit Challenges Doraville, Ga. Practice of Using Traffic Tickets and Other Fines to ‘Police for Profit’

    Law enforcement exists to protect and serve, not tax and spend. But things are different in the city of Doraville, Georgia, a 10,000 person suburb of Atlanta that has become notorious for its revenue-generating speed traps and housing code enforcement cases. Each year, Doraville budgets between 17 and 30 percent of its overall expected revenue…

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