Jason and Jacki Wiebesick did something most landlords don’t have the guts to do: respect their tenants’ wishes. Twice now when Golden Valley has asked them to make their tenants’ home available for inspection their tenants (different tenants each time) have politely said “no.” The Wiebesicks have therefore twice told the city they will not let its agents in. But the city hasn’t respected their tenants’ wishes and instead has tried to obtain unconstitutional “administrative” warrants to force its way inside.

Jason and Jacki have owned their property in Golden Valley, a suburb of Minneapolis, for decades. The property is a side-by-side duplex, with their home on one side and another unit on the other. They have rented this unit out since they moved in, and many renters have made the unit their home during that time. And they lived without incident from the city until it tried to force itself inside that home.