Joyce Vanderbilt

Joyce owns Kelly’s Big Burger and got involved with the Clarksville Property Rights Coalition because her restaurant is in the redevelopment area, and she did not want to lose her business so that politically connected developers can use her property for private development.

  • June 30, 2008    |   First Amendment

    Clarksville, TN Eminent Domain Protest

    Vindicating the Right to Protest Eminent Domain Abuse: Tennesseans Sued by Thin-Skinned Politician and Developers Fight Back

    Richard Swift and Wayne Wilkinson are developers in Clarksville, Tenn., who are using the power of government to benefit developers—and they sued citizens, demanding $500,000, simply for saying so. The Clarksville Property Rights Coalition, a grassroots group formed to fight the eminent domain abuse, ran an ad in the local newspaper criticizing elected officials and…

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