Leroy Jones

When IJ launched its case,  Leroy had driven a Yellow Cab for two years, but left after disputes with the company over its treatment of drivers. He earned a living as a travelling salesman, but it did not have the income or the flexibility of hours he enjoyed as a successful taxicab driver. Leroy formed a taxicab company to provide a work environment that respects drivers, encourages driver participation and ownership and provides taxicab service to all areas of Denver.

  • January 28, 1993    |   Economic Liberty

    Denver Taxis

    IJ Breaks Up Denver's 50-Year-Old Taxi Monopoly

    On August 1, 1995, three minority entrepreneurs launched Freedom Cabs, Denver’s first new taxi cab company in 50 years.  For the five decades prior to that day, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission refused to license any new cab company, citing laws and regulations that effectively denied entry to the market and firmly entrenched a three-company…

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