October 8, 2019

Linda and Gary Cameron moved from Seattle to Richland in the mid-70s so Gary, a boilermaker, could go to work in the nearby Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Linda and Gary first rented a house and loved their neighborhood. Just a few years later, in 1977, one of their neighbors was going to sell and they jumped at the chance to buy their first home. They renovated the interior of their home themselves. Linda worked as a seamstress and set up a sewing room in their home. As avid gardeners, they planted numerous trees and grew and canned their own vegetables. Gary’s sons came to visit them regularly and they spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors of eastern Washington. Linda and Gary lived in their home together for 35 years until Gary passed away in 2012. Linda, now 70, still lives in the home she shared with Gary, and still spends her days sewing and working in her yard. She also works on her computer, editing a newsletter for a local computer group, digitizing photographs, making albums, and facetiming with her family, and hosts a regular movie night for her friends.

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