Liz Cibotariu

December 7, 2017

Liz is the mother of two young daughters. She works as an Army helicopter technician in the National Guard and was a radio operator with the 42nd Infantry Division in the Iraq War. Liz also has a lifelong love of baking. She started to love baking as a child in Romania, where Liz was raised by her grandmother who is also an avid baker. Liz views baking as an art form, and it has become an important creative outlet in her life.

Liz would like to sell her baked goods to both cover the cost of ingredients and supplies, as well as to supplement her family’s income. Now, Liz frequently bakes for free for her friends and family. Buying baking ingredients and supplies, however, is a significant financial strain for Liz. Although she is often gifted with pans and other tools to thank her for her treats, Liz cannot bake as much as she wants to because of the expense.

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