Martha Avila and Michelle Garcia

Martha Avila and her daughter Michelle Garcia begin each day at 4:30 a.m.  In a commercial kitchen, this mother-daughter team prepares breakfast burritos for the hungry customers on their morning routes.  Mobile food vending has provided Martha the means to support a household, while helping Michelle afford the ever-increasing cost of college. Their loyal customers include retirement home residents, medical staff, and construction workers.  By focusing on their customers, these two entrepreneurs have been able to consistently grow their business since they began vending three years ago.

  • January 26, 2011    |   Economic Liberty

    El Paso Vending

    El Paso Mobile Food Vendors Challenge City’s Effort to Run Them Out of Town

    Should the city of El Paso, Texas, be allowed to turn itself into a No-Vending Zone in order to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants from competition? The Institute for Justice sought an answer to this question in a major federal lawsuit filed January 26, 2011 on behalf of four El Paso mobile food vendors. This lawsuit launched…

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