Mildred Bryant

Mildred Bryant is 84 years old and living out her golden years in the home she’s owned for 46 years.  Mildred is an active woman, exercising three times a week at the local YWCA.  Yet despite her active lifestyle, keeping up with Pagedale’s demands is proving to be an impossible task.  Mildred received a notice from the city threatening legal action if she did not comply.  The notice accused Mildred of at least 12 different code violations. Many of the modifications demanded by the notice are beyond Mildred’s physical and financial abilities. The notice demanded that she touch up or repaint her entire two-story home, including the foundation.  Other demands are simply ridiculous, such as demanding that Mildred’s home have matching curtains, slats, or other such window treatment.  Her son, whom she raised in Pagedale, occasionally helps her out with complying with the city’s demands.  But the grace periods given by the city have elapsed and she faces a real threat of tickets, fines, and imprisonment.

  • November 4, 2015    |   Private Property

    Pagedale Municipal Fines

    Class Action Lawsuit Challenges Policing for Profit in St. Louis Co. Municipal Court System

    What would it be like if your homeowners’ or condo association had a police force? If, instead of just annoying you by nitpicking how your property’s paint looks or whether your barbequing with friends bothers the neighborhood busybodies, the association could ticket, fine, and even arrest you? And what would it be like if the…

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