Randy Bailey

For decades, the family-owned Bailey’s Brake Service has stood at the corner of Country Club Drive and Main Street in Mesa as a symbol of Arizona’s entrepreneurial spirit. The shop’s owner, Randy Bailey, purchased the business from his father in 1995 with the hopes that he would one day sell the shop and its goodwill, made up of the loyalty of hundreds of customers, to his own son. As a small business owner, Randy is a part of the economic backbone of Arizona.

  • October 23, 2001    |   Private Property

    Mesa, AZ Eminent Domain

    Putting the Brakes on Eminent Domain Abuse in Mesa, Arizona

    Randy Bailey very nearly became a victim of eminent domain until the Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter came to his rescue. Bailey’s family has owned Bailey’s Brake Service since the early 1970s. Randy purchased the store with his own savings from his father in 1995, and hopes one day to pass the shop, which has…

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