Rose LaRosa

In September 1943, Joseph Torrisi, a young airman in the Army Air Corps, came home on leave from Europe and fell in love with a little house at 78 Ocean Terrace.  He asked his father to buy that house so the whole family, including his kid sister Rose, could be together in a beautiful home after the war.  Sadly, Joseph perished in the skies over France when his plane went down in fierce combat.  Less than a year later, his stricken father bought 78 Ocean Terrace as a tribute to his son’s heroism and his dream for the family.

Decades later, Joseph’s sister Rose, still lives at 78 Ocean Terrace and her grandchildren continue to spend summers there.

  • August 30, 2006    |   Private Property

    Long Branch, NJ Eminent Domain

    Eminent Domain Abuse in Long Branch, N.J.: City Seeks to Kick Out Middle Class Along Oceanfront To Make Way For the Rich

    Across the United States, local governments are using the power of eminent domain to seize private homes, businesses and farms in order to transfer property to other private owners for their private use.  More often than not, governments justify these private-to-private transfers by claiming that the property is “blighted” and will be “redeveloped” by the…

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