Strobel Family Investments

A quarter-century ago, Bob Strobel and his business partner decided to part ways.  The two had started out selling real estate but, over time, acquired a few properties of their own.  When they decided to split, they flipped a coin to determine who would get which of their assets.  Bob got a property in downtown Burien, which they had been leasing to a small diner-style, family restaurant.  When Bob and his wife passed away in 1998, they left the property to their seven daughters—Robin, Carol, Sally, Betty, Susan, Janet, and Julia—who have managed it as Strobel Family Investments ever since.

  • September 27, 2006    |   Private Property

    Strobel Family Investments Eminent Domain

    Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse In Washington State: Washington Supreme Court Must Decide: Does “Necessity” Mean What You Need or What You Want?

    May the government take your property simply because it doesn’t think it is upscale enough? What if the government doesn’t actually need your property but takes it just to make “damn sure” it’s eliminated? Seven sisters in Burien, Washington, asked the Washington Supreme Court to answer these questions. The Strobel sisters petitioned the Court to…

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