SurfVive is a local non-profit whose mission is “to sow love through surfing, food, and all forms of art.” SurfVive’s mission centers on promoting healthy living.  In pursuit of this mission, SurfVive runs a free surfing school, operates learning gardens to teach the importance of responsible food choices, and runs a composting service. To support its mission and promote healthy food options, SurfVive purchased a food truck in March 2018 for the purpose of selling smoothies, coffee, and vegetable bowls on South Padre Island. When it first attempted to open for business, the city informed SurfVive that it had no permits available. A few months later, after SurfVive learned that a permit became available, the city denied its vending permit because no restaurant owner had signed off on the permit application.   

  • February 28, 2019    |   Economic Liberty

    South Padre Island Food Trucks

    No Day at the Beach for South Padre Island’s Food Trucks

    Millions of visitors flock to South Padre Island every year to enjoy the sun and surf. The island is the most popular beach destination in Texas. With all of those mouths to feed one would expect that South Padre is a thriving destination for food-truck entrepreneurs. Not so. Unlike cities across Texas, the City of…

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