University of Florida College Libertarians

March 10, 2015

The University of Florida College Libertarians is a student-run campus group that seeks to spread the ideals of liberty and self-ownership.  Founded in the 1980s in an effort to counter the Democratic and Republican biases on campus and to introduce a more principled view of politics, the group aims to work with other libertarian groups throughout the county, the state and the nation to bring a comprehensive pro-freedom message to the University of Florida campus.  The semester before the November 2008 election, the UF College Libertarians brought speakers to campus, sponsored civil rights demonstrations, and authored editorials in the campus newspaper.  The group would like to get the word out about pro-liberty local and state candidates by handing out flyers and information to their fellow UF students but can only do so if it first registers as an electioneering communications organization.  The UF College Libertarians would also like to speak about upcoming ballot issues but cannot without first registering their speech with the state.