Yvonne Trujillo

Yvonne Trujillo’s son, Jacob Rodriguez, is worried because her son is already falling behind in the public schools in Denver.  His classes are too large, and teachers are not giving Jacob the attention he needs to perform to his potential.  Worse still, Jacob has been harassed and assaulted by fellow students, without any teachers coming to his aid.

  • May 29, 2003    |   Educational Choice

    Colorado Opportunity Contract Program

    Securing Educational Opportunity For Colorado Families: Institute for Justice and Colorado Parents Defend Historic Parental Choice Program

    In April 2003, Colorado attempted to become the first state in the nation to fulfill the promise of equal educational opportunity offered by the U.S. Supreme Court when it upheld Cleveland’s school choice program.  Colorado approved legislation creating Opportunity Contracts, a voucher program to enable low-income families in the state’s poorest-performing school districts to send…

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