Local officials in Mount Vernon, Ohio began considering potential food truck regulations at the request of a local councilmember, who previously stated that his goal was to “protect restaurants” from competition from food trucks. However, food trucks help all brick-and-mortar businesses, including restaurants, and by restricting them, Mount Vernon would not only hurt its local economy but also violate the Constitution in the process.

The entire notion that restaurants need to be protected from competition from food trucks is incorrect. Years of research show food trucks prove no danger to the survival of restaurants. In fact, IJ research found food trucks may complement the restaurant industry. But some government officials, who may not be aware of this research, continue to enact unconstitutional laws that restrict or ban food trucks at the request of local restaurant owners under the misguided and false logic that food trucks will hurt their businesses.

It’s not the government’s job to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. That’s why the Institute for Justice (IJ) sent a letter to local officials in Mount Vernon calling on the city to reconsider potential food truck regulations.





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