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Michigan Drone Surveillance Surpreme Court Oral Argument

  • On October 18, 2023, Mike Greenberg argued before the Michigan Supreme Court in a case asking whether the Fourth Amendment protects us from the government snooping around our private property using new cutting-edge technology: drones.
  • IJ argued that officials in Long Lake Township violated Todd and Heather Maxon’s Fourth Amendment rights by repeatedly flying a drone around their backyard, without a warrant, to gather evidence of an alleged zoning violation. Because the evidence was gathered by violating the couple’s Fourth Amendment rights, IJ argued that all evidence gathered from the drone could not be used against the Maxons in court.
  • This is the first state high court to consider Fourth Amendment restrictions on drone technology. 
  • The argument was part of the Court Community Connections program, where the court holds arguments at locations around the state to allow high school students to attend and engage with the courts directly.
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